Q and A's

1. How would you describe your style?
   J-  I recently took this quiz and my result was "preppy" and "traditional with a twist". I guess that describes me pretty well. I like casual clothes with classic lines with a little country and a little vintage thrown in. I'm starting to try to push myself a little more to wear different color combos and more patterns.
M- hmm...I would say fun is the best way to describe it...I enjoy wearing lots of different things. Any thing from classic to trendy, but I think the common thread would be colorful!

2. Where do you find style inspiration?
J- I read a lot of style blogs (check out our blogs we heart) that inspire me by showing me different ideas about colors, patterns, layers, etc. Also, even though I don't necessarily follow trends, per se, I do try to stay aware of what's going on and find ways to incorporate elements of some trends into my everyday looks. I also find inspiration from people I see at the store, at church, etc. So, basically, everywhere!
M- I have been blessed to have a very fashion forward pastor's wife who always looks chic and modest. Also I learn from everyone...take a little from this person and that person and put it together to be uniquely me!!

3. Share one fashion secret that could apply to anyone in general...
J- I think the main fashion rule that everyone should follow is "be yourself." God made all of us with different likes and dislikes, body types, needs, etc. and I think people should find out what best suits their tastes and fits in with their lifestyle, and then wear that proudly! For the past 10 years or so, I've lived in pretty small Western towns where denim skirts and boots or flip flops are appropriate for almost all occasions. But, that doesn't work for everyone, nor would some people want to dress like that all the time. Find what works for you, what you like, and go with it!
M-  If it doesn't look good in the dressing room, it will look worse at your house. Also, a genuine smile is the BEST accessory available!!

4. What three things do you own that say "you"?
J- My wedding ring set (N did a great job picking it out!), my multiple denim skirts (that's more than one item, but I'm counting them as a set), and my scarf collection. Those are pretty much the staples of my wardrobe!
M-  My collection of flowers I wear in my hair, my Talbot's yellow long skirt, and my hot pink shoes!

5. What is your biggest fashion blunder?
J- Oh goodness! I honestly think that one person's blunder can be another person's brilliance, but having said that, I had some pretty bad hair back in the 90's... Also, probably my watermelon print culottes. Yikes!
M- Apart from terrible hairstyles as a teenager? When I was in college, I liked to dress in what I thought was classic clothing, but I finally realized that the style was not "classic" so much as "outdated."

6. What is one fashion blunder you see in the general public that you wish you could change?
J- I promise that I really really try not to critique other people's outfits because everybody has different tastes, but it really disturbs me when people (women AND men) do not wear enough clothing or have their clothes hanging off of them so certain areas (say no to crack!) can be seen. Also, can we all just agree to STOP wearing pajamas in public?
M- Wearing clothing that is too tight is NEVER flattering!! I wish people would just stand in front of a full length mirror before they leave their house every day and say to themselves what would I think if I saw someone wearing this?

7. Why is modesty so important to you and how do you define it?
J- Modesty to me means dressing appropriately for every situation, dressing in such a way that would not draw inappropriate attention to myself, and covering up all the things that are only for my husband. It's important to me to honor God with the way I dress, and honor my husband by reserving my body for him.
M-  I would define modesty as being properly clothed so as to not invoke impure thoughts in men (or in this day and age, women). I like to dress modestly because I belong to Jesus. I want people to notice a difference in me right away, and what better way to say "I am different!" then to dress modestly and always wear a smile!