Going Nowhere (#29 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/30/12
Where: Dinner with N
What: *Green top- Kohl's *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Lace scarf- gift from friend in AZ *Camel flats- Walmart

I took these pictures even though I wasn't really going anywhere... just having dinner with N... but that's an occasion in and of itself! I'm always glad when I get to spend time with my wonderful husband and I try to look at least halfway decent when he gets home from work.

My 30 for 30 challenge is almost over! Just one more outfit, and then I'll be done. I've had a lot of fun and learned some things... I'll share all of that with you very soon!

Lunchtime Snafu (#28 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/30/12
Where: Taking lunch to my husband, running to Walmart
What: *Cream hoodie- Steve & Barry's, thrifted *Pink top- Walmart *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Pewter jeweled flats- KMart *Necklace- gift from M

When I took these pictures, I was hurrying on my way to take lunch to N at work. Here's what happened: someone accidentally took N's PT jacket at work... his jacket that had all of his stuff in the pocket (wallet, keys, etc.). So, he had no way to go get lunch while he tried to figure out who had his jacket. Meanwhile, I had just got home from the gym and needed to shower and change. So I quickly threw on some "normal" (i.e. non-gym) clothes and took N lunch- that's why my hair looks a little yucky in these pictures. It all got ironed out- N's jacket was returned (as I pulled into the parking lot) and I got to go back home and clean up a little more. Just another adventure in the life of N & J (and another exmple of God taking care of us... it would have been a HUGE hassle if N's wallet was lost)!

Purple 2 Ways (#26 & #27 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/29/12
Where: Church
What: Look #1: *Brown cardigan- thrifted *Purple tank- Walmart *Brown plaid skirt- gift from sister *Purple tights- KMart *Brown plaid shoes- gift from sister *Gold necklace- Liz Claiborne, Beall's Outlet *Ring- Beall's Outlet *Brown bag- Liz Claiborne, gift from sister Look 2: *Black cardigan- Walmart *White tank- Cato's *Purple maxi dress- Target *Black flats- Payless *Black beaded necklace- Walmart *Silver tree stump necklace- Lisa Leonard Designs

I usually wear the same outfit to both morning and evening services on Sunday, but sometimes I just feel like wearing something different. So, this last Sunday, I had two different outfits, both based on the color purple. I loved my new purple tights with these brown plaid shoes- I thought they added a little extra something to the whole outfit. I've been wearing a lot of purple lately... I think I'll definitely keep an eye out for more purple clothes and accessories after my 30 for 30 challenge is over!

Stuck in Colder(ish) Weather

Who: M
When: 1/13/12
Where: Teaching school
What: *White shirt-thrifted *Turquoise shirt-Walmart *Red shoes-Mexico *Black skirt-thrifted *Red necklace-dollar store *Long necklace-gift *Rings-gifts *Red flower headband-borrowed *Earrings-gift shop in New Mexico

Here is another red and turquoise outfit! I must say that I am thankful to J for introducing me to this color combo. Not sure it quite worked out in this outfit, but here's to trying, eh? Since it is a bit chilly in the mornings and evenings here, I have been trying to wear long sleeves to ward off the cold and try to keep from getting sick. I think I have failed in the later, oh well. On the upside, I think I am getting better at taking my own pictures...Practice makes perfect, I guess...

Sand As Far As The Eye Can See (#25 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/28/12
Where: White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
What: *Cream sweater- gift *Black tank- Walmart *Denim skirt- thrifted & shortened *Knee socks- Target *Boots- Old Navy

These pictures are from the trip that my husband and I took this weekend to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. I had been before, but it was a loooong time ago, and N had never been. As you can see from the pictures, we also took our dog Mona. We had such a great time! We spent a couple of hours just hiking the sand dunes... and of course, eating a picnic lunch! 

I had another outfit picked out originally, but it wasn't warm enough. I was assuming that the dunes would be a lot warmer since the white sand reflects the sun, but it was only like 55 there, so the cotton dress I had on wasn't going to cut it! This outfit was a little plain, but it was comfy and perfect for a day at the dunes!

A Charmed Life (#24 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/27/12
Where: Running errands, grocery shipping
What: *Black tee- Target *Denim skirt- thrifted & shortened *Gold headband- The Jewelry Box *Black flip flops- Walmart *Necklace- gift

To make the necklace I'm wearing in these pictures, I decided to dig out some of my old charms from a charm bracelet I had, as well as just different necklaces I've had over the years. I found so many charms with so many good memories- the gold wire charm that spells my name that my grandparents bought me in Florida, the amethyst that was my grandma's, the jade heart that M brought me from China, a charm engraved with "J" that my dad picked out for me, the claddagh my parents bought me because they know how much I love Irish culture, and a silver charm from the year I graduated with my bachelor's degree- all reminders of blessings God has given me. Yes, I truly lead a "charmed" life!

Toby's Cameo (#23 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/26/12
Where: Running errands
What: *Grey tank- Target *Turquoise cardigan- Walmart *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Pewter flats- KMart *Jewelry- Walmart

I decided to include my Trailblazer, Toby, in one of these pictures... I don't actually usually call my car by a name, but every car needs a name, right? I've had this car since 2002 and I have a hard time imagining ever trading it in. It's pulled a meat smoker, a tow dolly loaded with a Camry, driven to California and back, San Antonio and back, hauled an engine for a Camry, served as our "getaway" car at our wedding (it took months to get all the messages washed off), and too many other useful things to remember. It's not the greatest on gas mileage, but it gets the job done... and looks good doing it! ;)

As for my outfit, I usually pair turquoise with purple or green, just to let it "pop" a little more, but I like it with the more subdued grey, as well. I guess the lesson I'm learning is to not be afraid to try new combinations... you never know what you'll find!

Bright, Sunshiney Day

Who: M
When: 1/12/12
Where: Teaching school, midweek service at church
What: *Navy skirt-thrifted *Shirt-gift *Necklace-thrifted *Undershirt-Kmart *Shoes-gift *Flower-not sure

So I stepped WAY out of my box today and wore a NAVY BLUE skirt instead of black...lol...Navy blue has always been an option for the school uniform, but I never had one before! So when I found this cute skirt at the thrift store, I bought it right up! :) It actually has super cute pockets on the front that you can't see. The next time I wear it, I plan to tuck my shirt in (another outside of the box thing for me) so you can see the great pockets! (I know you are just dying of anticipation, right?) One thing of my favorite things about Mexico is the sunshine!! Unfortunately, the sunshine caused lots of squinting in these pics... can't have everything, I guess!

Lady Grey (#22 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/25/12
Where: Midweek service at church
What: *Grey sweater- Mossimo, thrifted *Red tank- Target *Grey skirt- Penney's in LA *Red necklace- gift from M *Black boots- Sears

I wasn't sure if this outfit would work- I didn't know if the greys would look good together, I didn't know if I'd like the proportions of the sweater and skirt together, etc. But, I'm really glad I tried it! It was a little "out of the box" for me, and that's what this whole 30 for 30 challenge is about- trying new combinations, discovering new favorites, and learning more about what works and why. When I first, put this on, I had all three buttons on the sweater buttoned up, and didn't like how it looked... so, I just unbuttoned 2 of them... voila! Much better! Sometimes you just have to play with things a little and try slightly different variations before you get it "just right!"

P.S. While trying to decide on what to name this post, I did some research and found out that "Lady Grey" can refer to  Lady Grey tea; Lady Grey, a rural village in South Africa; Lady Grey, a fictional character in Marvel Comics; Lady Grey, a fictional evil temptress and mayor in the video game Fable; or Lady Jane Grey, claimant to the Kingdom of England and Ireland who was known for the briefness of her reign over both (9 days). Fascinating, right? ;)

Tights spot (#21 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/24/12
Where: Working around the house- cleaning, making study helps for N
What:  *Cream hoodie- Steve & Barry's, thrifted *Purple tank- Walmart *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Purple tights- KMart *Brown boots- Chadwick's *Striped scarf- gift from M's sister *Earrings- 1928, Christmas gift from my husband, N

I've been wanting some cool colored tights for a while now, but I couldn't convince myself to pay $7 for tights I wouldn't wear that often (yes, I know I'm a cheapskate). I stopped in at KMart the other day and saw these purple tights, though, and I knew I had to have them. I think they were like $6 or something (because $6 is WAY cheaper than $7! *eye roll*). I really like them, and if it gets cold again here in El Paso, I already have several outfits planned I can wear them with. As soon as my 30 for 30 challenge is over, I even have an outfit planned inspired by something from Pinterest!

One more thing... I included a picture of a close up of the side of my face (lovely, right?) so you can see the beautiful earrings my husband bought me for Christmas. They're from one of my favorite costume jewelry designers (1928) and he said they're the color of my eyes... so sweet! I love them (and him!)!

Strings Attached (#20 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/23/12
Where: Grocery shopping
What: *Green long sleeved tee- Walmart *Black tee- Target *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Black flats- Payless *String scarf- made by me

This scarf is one of those pieces that people either love, or turn their eyes politely away from so I won't see the horror in their eyes... ;) I don't think I've ever had quite that response before, actually, but some people do ask me what it is... I've seen several different versions online- some necklaces, some bracelets- so I decided to make my own a couple of years ago. All you do is take some old tshirts, cut the bottoms in strips (you'll want to leave the seams intact to that you have "loops"), stretch the loops out so they'll curl in on themselves, and tie them all together. I doubled some of mine so there would be different lengths in the necklace/ scarf. See? Easy as pie!

(Argyle) Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Who: M
When: 1/11/12
Where: Teaching school
What: *Red sweater vest-thrifted *Black skirt-thrifted *White shirt-gift *Tights-Walmart *Shoes-Meijer's *Red bead necklace-China *Grey necklace-gift *Yellow flower-gift

So day 5 back in Mexico, day 2 back at work! I have decided that I agree slightly with the people who are saying that it is cold here. It is a bit chilly, so I decided to cover up my feet so as to not catch a cold...not sure if it helped... I am again wearing my super find from the thrift store! I LOVE this skirt, it is comfortable, a great length, and does not need to be ironed! I think this red vest is one of my new favorite things to wear! Also, cool fact that I discovered...my red bead necklace glows in the dark!! I have had this necklace for 5 years, and never knew it glowed in the dark! I thought it was a cool fact at any rate... :)

Vintage Vibe (#19 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/22/12
Where: Church
What: *Black cardigan- Walmart *Grey tank- Target *Purple skirt- Evan Picone, thifted *Black pointy kitten heels- Payless *Black boots- Sears *Silk scarf- vintage, thrifted *Brass rose ring- The Jewelry Box- $1 *Black rose earrings- Catos *Coach bag- gift from N

I finally found one!! A genuine vintage silk scarf at a thrift store!! I've been reading about it for so long, and I wasn't sure I'd know it if I saw it, but I did find it! Seriously, though, I have been wanting to find a silk scarf, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to tell that's what it was if it didn't have a tag. But, just like everything I've read, you can definitely tell by feeling the scarf that it's silk. It's so, well... silky! I was worried that the print was a little too flower-y for me, but when it's tied, you can't really even see the print. For the Sunday morning service, I wore heels, but by the time the night service rolled around, I knew it was a little too chilly for bare legs, so I put on some boots. All in all, I'm very happy with my scarf purchase!

Camobunga (#16 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/17/12
Where: Grocery shopping
What: *Cream cardigan- gift from friend in college *Black dress- Target *Camo flats- Payless *Camo belt- thrifted *Jewelry- gift from N from Afghanistan

While reviewing some pictures for the blog, I realized that I totally skipped over this outfit! Maybe I couldn't see it because of the camo... hee hee. I was tired of wearing denim skirts, so I thought I'd try to make this dress casual enough for the grocery store. I'm not sure how well that worked, but I wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought I'd be. N and I went out that night to make some visits for church, and I added some tights and black boots. I should have taken pictures because I liked this with tights and boots better, but this version of the outfit still ain't too shabby. ;)