J's 3 Favorite Colors

Who: M
When: 2/25/12
Where: Visiting the bus route, making tamales, and hanging out
What: *Dress-Ross, $10 *Yellow undershirt-NY&C, $10 *Shrug-Dot's, $5 *Shoes-Tiangis, $5 *Sunglasses-Tiangis, $5 *Earrings-gift shop, $5 *Necklace-gift *Bracelet-gift from China

This was a fun outfit to wear...We decided to finish the month of colors with wearing each other's favorite colors! So when J told me I was going to wear turquoise, yellow and purple...I thought, "WOW!!" I seriously took all month trying to figure out how I could put all of those colors together in a cute outfit! I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

The dress in this outfit is one of my absolute favorites!! Comfy and cool, usually doesn't need to be ironed, what better combination could there be?? :) I must confess that the sunglasses were an addition later in the day, after we visited the tianig (Mexican street market). Just couldn't resist a good buy!!

M's 3 Favorite Colors

Who: J
When: 2/15/12
Where: Midweek service at church
What: *Green shirt- Walmart *Orange sweater- Cato *Purple skirt- thrifted *Brown scarf- N's Army scarf, borrowed *Boots- Chadwick's

A while back, M and I decided that for the last day of our "month of color", we were going to wear each other's 3 favorite colors. M's were green, orange, and purple. At first, I had no idea how I was going to make that work, but as I was searching my closet for an outfit one day, I came up with this... I think it turned out pretty cute! It looks kind of fall-ish, but I think it still works! I like that the purple is pretty subtle... it's almost brown so it reads as a neutral. Fun stuff!

I borrowed this brown scarf from my husband... it's actually his Army issue scarf for when it's cold, but I needed a neutral colored scarf to help these colors work together. It looks better on me anyway... ;)

Black and Blue

Who: J
When: 2/26/12
Where: Church, potluck lunch
What: *Black cardigan- Walmart *Black & white dress- Ross, on sale for $7 *Black shoes- Ralph Lauren, thrifted, $4 *Purse- Kathy Van Zeeland, gift from M *Necklace & earrings- gift

I was so excited to wear these shoes!!! N and I were on the "rich" side of town and stopped in at a Goodwill and they had these Italian leather Ralph Lauren heels for $4! $4!!! Score!!! I actually planned my outfit around these shoes so I could wear them right away. Not that it's that hard to plan an outfit around black shoes, but we're supposed to be wearing blue or purple this week for our "month of color" so it actually took a little bit of thinking. Blue accessories count, right? ;)

Special Effects

Who: J
When: 2/24/12
Where: Missions Conference at church
What: *Plaid shirt- Arizona Jean Company, thrifted *Khaki skirt- Venezia, thrifted *Boots- Payless *Silver tree trunk necklace- Lisa Leonard Design

I usually use Picnik to edit the photos for the blog, but sadly, that site is closing down in a few months. :( Soooo... I've been looking around for a new site to use, and I've found Pixlr! I've been using them for about a week or so, and I really like this site! It's a little different from Picnik, and your options are a little different, but I really like how the pictures come out. For these pictures, I played around a little with their special effects, but they do have just regular editing options, as well. I'm glad I was able to find a new site for editing pictures!

Looking at my outfit in these pictures, I wonder if maybe it looks a little too "themed." I like to throw in little touches of my western roots, but maybe the plaid flannel PLUS the boots was a little much... ah well, it was comfy!

Blue and Purple Ideas

It seems to have become a Saturday tradition for us to share outfit idea boards with you... at least during our "month of color." So, in the spirit of that tradition, here are some blue and purple ideas for you!

Royal Ruffles

Who: J
When: 2/22/12
Where: Missions Conference at church
What: *Black cardigan- Walmart *Blue ruffly top- The Limited, Ross *Grey skirt- Penney's *Shoes- Payless *Necklace- Kohl's *Ring- $1 Jewelry store in Merrillville, IN

I bought this top on a shopping trip with M- I was looking for a top to coordinate with what my husband was wearing for some pictures we were having taken, and M convinced me that this one would be perfect. Royal blue is not usually "my color", but I do really like this top! I was planning to wear this with a purple cardigan for our purple & blue week, but the lengths of the top and the sweater didn't work together. That's ok! The black is a little boring-er (real word!), but I still like how the outfit looks!

Be Sure to Wear Flowers In Your Hair

Who: M
When: 1/20/12
Where: School and unexpected sleepover
What: *Black skirt-thrifted *White shirt-Suburbia in MExico *Turquoise undershirt-China :) *White shoes-Mexican Crocs *Bracelet-gift *Necklace-Premier Jewelry *Rings-vintage from Mom *Headband-Forever 21

When I saw this headband in Forever 21, I thought, "I have to have this!!" And I have been waiting to use it since then...It is super big, so it took me a while to figure out how to do my hair so that the flowers were not sooo overwhelming! I thought it turned out pretty good. And the flowers took this simple black and white outfit to a whole new level! I definitely will be wearing this headband often (if my hair cooperates!)!

As for the rest of the outfit, this skirt is so becoming my favorite black skirt! Perfect length for this time of year in Mexico since it is cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. This was a great Friday outfit. I felt so comfy all day, that is until my headband started giving me a headache around 9 pm...lol. At any rate, this is definitely a keeper...I might even wear sometime after I return to the States and am not required to wear black and white Monday thru Friday!

On the Fence

Who: J
When: 2/21/12
Where: FRG meeting
What: *Black cardigan- Walmart *Purple tee- Walmart *Scarf- gift from in-laws *Denim skirt- thrifted & shortened *Black flats- Payless *Ring- Beall's Outlet

Welcome to our final week in our "month of color!" This week, we're featuring blue & purple... fun, right? ;)

This was like my 3rd or 4th outfit that I tried on that night. Do you ever have days like that? You just can't get something to look right no matter what? I finally settled on this outfit. It's pretty similar to other outfits that I've worn before, but the tee/ cardigan/ scarf combo is one I'm pretty comfortable with so it seems to be what I reach for when I can't decide on anything else. 

It was dark when we took these pictures, but I was using my sunglasses as a headband, so that's why they're still on my head. I do that sometimes... if I can't get my hair to lay exactly right, I'll put my sunglasses on top of my head to kind of disguise the area I don't like. It doesn't work for every situation, of course, but I do it when I can get away with it! ;)

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Who: M
When: 2/19/12
Where: Going to church in Ameca and getting lost on the way
What: *Yellow skirt-Talbots, gift *Grey sweater-Target, gift *White shirt-thrifted $2 *Grey shoes-GAP, gift *Yellow accessories-Dots, $7 *Bangle bracelets-thrifted *Yellow flower-gift

Wow, another outfit that I got practically for free!! That is awesome! Today I went with the pastor and his family to another church here in Mexico. He was to be the guest speaker...everything was going well, until, we realized we were lost!! Oops...luckily for us, NOTHING starts on time in Mexico! We (the "we" here is referring to Mrs. Murillo, I had nothing to do with it...lol) called the pastor of the church where we were going, and he graciously gave us directions. We made it!! Thankfully we did NOT get lost on the way home!! :)

I chose my longest skirt to wear today for two reason: 1. It is yellow, 2. It is long...lol. In many of the churches here in Mexico the women wear long skirts, anything shorter than just above your ankle is unacceptable. Since I wasn't sure how this church was, I thought I would play it safe...Well, turns out I should not have worried...

I must add that I am VERY blessed!! As you can see, I only actually purchased my shirt and jewelry. I am reminded often of God's provision in my life. I think it is awesome to think that God cares for the small things like that!

It's All A Little Blurry

Who: J
When: 2/19/12
Where: Church
What: *Green top- Cato's *Brown cardigan- thrifted *Skirt- Cato's *Yellow beaded necklace- gift from shop owner in Goshen, IN *Jeweled flats- KMart

I apologize for the blurriness of the photos... the batteries in our camera went out, and I didn't realize we didn't have any more... and I was already a little late for singing practice... so we took pictures with my cell phone...

I haven't worn this skirt in a long time. It's one of those things that you love for a while, then you're not sure about so you put it in the back of your closet, then you find it and decide to try it again. My wedding colors were green & yellow, so I wore this skirt to my shower and also as part of my "exit" outfit at our wedding. I was going to wear gold heels with this outfit, but my gold heels are pretty high and my knees have been hurting from running, so I ended up just wearing flats. That was a long story jut to say: I need to find some brown heels! Anyway, I like how my green and yellow outfit turned out!

Boyfriend Shirts

Who: M
When: 2/18/12
Where: Visiting the bus route, a quick shopping trip, and STARBUCKS!!
What: *Skirt-thrifted, $2 *Shirt-borrowed *Sweater-thrifted *Necklace-gift from J :) *Shoes-GAP, $10 *Bracelet- Suborbia, 20 pesos ($2) *Hair clip-gift *Belt-borrowed

The sun is shining!!! This was my first thought when I woke up today- the first day this week that I woke up to the sun!! I LOVE the sunshine! My second thought was, "Do I have to get up already!!!??"  The good thing was that I already had everything ready to go, so I actually went back to sleep for 5 more minutes.

I don't usually go for the big oversive "boyfriend" shirts, but I thought I would step out on a limb and try this one because I loved the colors! One of the girls that I live with (one of the 17...) was wearing this shirt the other week, and I commented that I liked it. She told me I could borrow it whenever I wanted. So I decided to take her up on it! I recently was reading a blog (sadly, I can't remember what blog) that gave some ideas for wearing boyfriend shirts. SO I used an idea from there-belting and adding a sweater to the shirt, to help make the outfit. I was pretty pleased with the result. I might even invest in a couple of shirts like this of my own... :)

Green, Yellow, and Orange ideas

We're having lots of fun trying new color combinations & digging out forgotten clothes items for our "Month of Color" challenge. Here's some ideas for some fun color themed outfits of your own. As always, all of the items in these sets are relatively inexpensive (less than $50) and easy to find. Enjoy!

John Deere Green

Who: J
When: 2/16/12
Where: Making pizza with N, running errands
 What: *John Deere tee- borrowed from N *Black hoodie- Walmart *Denim skirt- Cato's, shortened by me *Shoes- Payless in IN

I have a confession to make... not all of my outfits are "blog-worthy," meaning that I don't always dress up with a bunch of accessories and interesting color combinations. Sometimes, I just wear t-shirts and tennies. For some reason, I've developed a fascination with John Deere... we have several John Deere tees, a couple of hoodies, a sign, and a thermometer/ clock. Since the green and yellow fits in with our color scheme this week, I decided to go ahead and post this oufit even though it's not my usual level of blogishness (real word? probably not!).

Orange You Glad to Wear Orange?

Who: M
When: 1/14/12
Where: Visiting on the bus route and bowling in the afternoon
What: *Denim jacket-gift *Skirt-borrowed *Orange shirt-gift *Hair clip-gift *Shoes-gift *Necklace-gift

Wow, just realized as I wrote the description of my outfit out that everything was given to me, except the skirt that I borrowed! That is pretty cool, I would say. Saturday are always one of my favorite days because I get to be outside most of the day. Also, I get to do one of my favorite things in the world: invite people to church!

This Saturday was a beautiful sunshiny day, which was a huge change after being in Indiana for the previous two weeks! I included a picture of when I was at one of the families house who come to church with us. The landscape is so beautiful, but the sad deprived state in which the people live always makes me a bit sad. At any rate, although the sun was shining, it was a bit chilly in the morning, so I donned my jean jacket. After the bus route, I went bowling with one of the church families. That was great fun! I won one game...winning always makes playing more fun!!

Old Yeller

Who: J
When: 2/14/12
Where: Grocery shopping
What: *Red cardigan- Target *Yellow eyelet top- Beall's Outlet *Grey tank- Walmart *Denim skirt- thrifted & shortened *Camel flats- Walmart *Bow ring- The Jewelry Box *Red earrings- Beall's Outlet

This post starts our orange, yellow, and green week for our "month of color." For the month of February, M and I will be posting pictures featuring different colors every week. The first week was brown & grey, and this last week was pink and red. I've gotten lots of ideas from M's posts, and even from my own closet!

Even though this was going to be a yellow outfit, I wanted to wear red, too, since it was Valentine's Day. I think the pale yellow and the dark red make each other pop a little more than a neutral color would have done for either of them. Also... I apologize for the "weird" faces in the photos. It seems like my photos look so much better and more natural when N takes them instead of when I use the self- timer. My only excuse is that is was a lot colder than I thought it was going to be and the sun was bright... ;)