Tangerine Ideas

Do any of you follow the Pantone color reports? Every year- every season, really-, Pantone comes out with "the colors" that are going to be popular. This year's color is Tangerine Tango, a beautiful, orange-y coral-y color. I've been keeping my eye out at thrift store for some pieces in this color (or at least close!). So far, I haven't really found anything, but I'll keep looking! Until then, here are some ideas of what I'd like to wear in tangerine...

Not So Matchy Matchy

Who: J
When: 3/28/12
Where: Midweek service at church
What: *Grey sweater- Cato's *Purple tank- Walmart *Skirt- Lane Bryant, thifted (originally $30, I bought it for $2.50!!!!) *Sandals- Cato's *Necklace- Kohl's 

I got this fabulous skirt at Goodwill on Monday & I couldn't wait to build an outfit around it! I've been working on experimenting with color combos, so I thought I'd try a little purple on purple. I'm not sure how much I like this top with this skirt, but I'm glad I at least tried it!

On another note, I'm not sure why I am making such a cheesy face in all these pictures... ;)

A Walk On The Beach

Who: M
When: 3/16/12
Where: Hanging out at the beach in Manzanillo
What: *Turquoise skirt-gift *Pink shirt-thrifted *Turquoise undershirt-gift *Shoes-Mexican fair *Denim jacket-gift

I LOVE the beach!! I was so excited when my friends said they wanted to go to the beach!! I was like woo-hoo!! Let's go!! I got up at 7, and in order to not disturb the sleeping people I left the motel room without putting on any makeup or really doing my hair, so excuse the craziness of that!! I was trying to make it to the beach for the sunrise...I was too late... I did go back to the room and do something with my hair and makeup later. The funniest thing about my morning on the beach was getting people to take pictures for me...One little old man refused to take one for me...he was like, "No, I don't know how."  I said, "All you have to do is push the button!"....He still refused...It was quite funny! The beach was so beautiful!! I took some pictures of the crabs and other beach life, but I thought I would just stick the blog material for these pics!

That's What I Love About Sunday

Who: J
When: 3/25/12
Where: Church
What: *Dress- Old Navy, thrifted, $7 *Turquoise tank- Target, $9 *Belt- Walmart, $8 *Sandals- Cato's, $9 *Flower pin- Bealls? *Initial necklace- Tiffany's, gift from N

This Sunday was a little bit of a crazy day! N worked a 24 hour shift and didn't get home in time for the morning service, so I went by myself. When I got home, I had just enough time for lunch and a little nap, and then back to church for Ladies' Ensemble and choir practice... then back home to pick N up (he usually drops me off, but he was trying to catch up on a little sleep), then back to church... Like I said, it was a little crazy, but it was a great day! And at least I had on a comfortable, non- wrinkling dress! ;)


Who: M
When: 3/13/12
Where: School, lunch with the Murillos, getting lost...I mean, exploring dowtown
What: *Skirt-Express, thrifted *Shirt-American Eagle, thrifted *Sandals-Mexican state fair *Undershirt-Kmart *Necklace-thrifted *Flower-Forever 21 *Cross- body bag-American Eagle, thrifted

Another fun day during the visit of my friends!! We went downtown to explore...and explore we did!! I accidentally got lost, but it turned out okay since we wound up getting to where I wanted to go reguardless of the round about way we went. As a bonus of getting lost, we stumbled across the Guagalajara Library. Beautiful setting for blog pictures, don't you think? I decided to try to look super studious, but in the end, I wound up with books with all pictures in them...I must say they were WAY more interesting!!

Advice Needed...

Who: J
When: 3/23/12
Where: Running errands, picking up supplies for b-day presents for my niece and nephew
What: *Pink scarf- Mary Kay prize *Orange tee- Old Navy *Denim skirt- Cato, shortened *Gold sandals- I think maybe Ross...

Ok... so this is one of those outfits that looked really good in my head, slightly less good (not grammatically correct, I know) on me, and way less good in pictures... I really didn't even want to post these pictures, but I decided that I should go ahead and share the bad along with the good... ;) I've been wanting to try the whole pink and orange thing for a while, but something just seems a little off about the outfit... any suggestions? Maybe M can help me out once she reads this!

As for the pictures themselves, the camera ran out of batteries as I was taking the pictures and I was on my way to the store, so I didn't have time to go back and get more... Just one of those times when a crazy mix of stuff makes your pictures turn out not quite like you wanted. I think I'll try this again another time- maybe after I get some suggestions on how to tweak it.

P.S. My beloved Indiana Hoosiers lost last night, so their championship hopes are over... but we had a lot of fun rooting for them! Here are some pictures from last night that show our team spirit (and Mona and Finley's, too!)

The Grand Tour

Who: M
When: 3/12/12
Where: School, touring downtown with my visiting friends
What: *Brown shirt-thrifted *Denim skirt-Talbot's, thrifted *Shoes-gift *Necklace-gift *Earrings-gift shop in New Mexico *Bracelet and watch-gifts

This was a super fun day!! Started off with school, but only a half day. Then, it was off to explore places I had never been before!! First downtown to catch a tour bus to go to a suburb of Guadalajara...Tlelapapec...or something like that...don't worry I cannot pronounce it either... we  went to the BEST restaurant there! It was so beautiful. It was an outdoor patio type thing complete with three or four fountains and trees and, of course, a Mariachi (sp?) band! Then off to explore all the shops. As you can see I met some interesting men along the way...lol. Oh, and yes, my friends did have a good time!

Not Sad Plaid

Who: J
When: 3/11/12
Where: Church
What: *Brown cardigan- thrifted *Turquoise top- Target *Plaid skirt- gift from sister *Shoes- Kmart *Necklace- Beall's Outlet in Willcox, AZ

Usually when I wear this outfit, I wear these adorable plaid heels that my sister gave me. On this day, though, I had wrenched a muscle in my back and was not up to wearing heels. So, flats it was! I wanted to add a little bit of springy-ness (real word?) to the brown plaid, so I added the turquoise top. I think that's one of the things I've learned since we started this blog- adding pops of color always brings a little extra something to the outfit. I just need to get as brave as M, now! She's a master at adding and mixing colors! 

Out to Lunch

Who: M
When: 3/11/12
Where: Church and eating out
What: *Dress-yard sale *Necklace and earrings-Cato's *Shirt-thrifted *Shoes-Mexican catalog :) *Wristlet -gift from J

This was the official Day One of a visit from some friends from the US. We went to church, then the Murillos took us out to eat! The restaurant is typical of this area in Mexico, basically outdoors or just a roof with no walls. This particular restaurant is really pretty, as you can see from the pictures :) The food is very messy though, so I thought I had better take the pictures before I spilled something on me!! Lucky for me though, I had a no spill day!! :) I love this navy and white polka dottted dress!! Just dressy enough with a splash of fun! I do think it makes me look like I have a beer gut, but as long as I rock it, everything is good, right? :) Oh, I need to add that I have NEVER been stared at so much here in Mexico as when I was with my friends. Holly is blonde and petite, Robert is Chinese...enough said...lol. Everywhere we went we got stared out. Actually this day, we had a little gang of like 4 boys follow us for like two blocks before they got the courage to talk to us. They tought I was from Spain and were utterly amazed to meet my Chinese friend! Good times!! Never a dull moment in Mexico!!

Hoosier Girl

Who: J (and N... and Mona... and Finley)
When: 3/15/12
Where: El Paso Zoo during the day, rooting on the Hoosiers at night
What: *Tees- daytime one from Meijers, modified by me. Evening one from Old Navy. *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Ruffle scarf- Crow-chet Away *Knee socks- Walmart *IU necklace- gift

Sooo... I don't know if you've heard yet, but the IU Hoosiers are kind of a big deal... especially this year! At our house, we're big Indiana fans! We don't always get to watch all the games throughout the season because we don't have cable, but we're definitely watching all of the tournament games! These pictures are from the day of their first game against NMSU. N had the day off for a training holiday, so we went to the zoo (decked out in our IU gear), and then headed home to catch the game. As you can see, even our pets wore their cream & crimson! I tried to wear an outfit that I would actually wear out in public to a game... the red of the socks is a little too bright, but otherwise, I'd be proud to wear this to support my team! Go Hoosiers!!!

P.S. I thought I'd include some pictures of my very own Hoosier ;)

Sometimes It's Just Black And White

Who: M
When: 2/22/12
Where: School
What: *White shirt-New York & Co., *Black skirt-thrifted *Shoes-GAP *Necklace-Premiere Jewlery *Undershirt-Walmart *Bracelets-thrifted *Earrings-gift

Ok...I am going to be completely honest, I don't remember much about this day because it was a LONG time ago...lol. I do remember that when we were taking these pictures there was a semi truck parked outside the church and the guys in the truck were staring at me... I will say that this particular white shirt is one of my favorites and, believe it or not, it is actually like 6 years old...sad news is that I was going to wear it the other day and my iron spit brown stuff on it...not sure if it is going to come out or not...so I might have to retire this one...sadness :( I must also add that these flats from GAP are sooo comfortable!! The insoles are padded, so you feel like you are walking on air all day! I am hoping to get more when I am home in April..

Top O' The Mornin'

Who: J
When: 3/17/12
Where:  Visiting for church, spending time with my favorite laddy
What: *Green & orange tees- Old Navy *Plaid scarf- made for me by me mum *Denim skirt- Old Navy *Shoes- KMart *Pins- I think they were left over from some Irish- themed party a couple of years ago *Necklace- gift from N from Afghanistan

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! I hope ye're havin' a blessed day filled with love and laughter! 'Tis quite warm in El Paso today, so I wanted to be sure to wear clothin' that I wouldna be sweatin' in all day. These shirts from Old Navy are verra comfortable, to be sure! The best part is that I got a verra good deal on them... both of them for $10!  I had to be sure to show you my green nails- I found green polish at Walgreens and bought two different colors and then alternated the greens... I'm not at all sure that I would do that for an everyday look, but for this special occasion it was fun!

Enjoy the rest of your day- and remember, when Irish eyes are smilin', 'tis best to watch your step! ;)

P.S. N helped me with this outfit- he was the one who suggested I buy the orange shirt and wear it under the green one... brilliant! ;)

Date Night

Who: J
When: 3/9/12
Where: Date with N
What: *Black cardigan- Walmart *Grey tee- Target *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Purple tights- KMart *Black boots- Sears *Purple scarf- gift *Ring- Beall's Outlet, Willcox, Ariz.

This outfit was for a dinner/ scavenger hunt date with N. I picked 3 different dinner places, and 3 different dessert places and put their names in envelopes. I let N pick an envelope, and then wherever picked was where we went. We ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, and Starbucks for dessert. In between, we did a picture scavenger hunt at the PX. It was a lot of fun & we got some great pictures! I'll have to post some soon.

For this outfit, I wanted something comfy, but also cute... The grey shirt is actually an oversize tee from Target that has "Army" written across the front. This ended up being very comfortable to spend a couple of hours strolling around in, and I think it ended up not looking too shabby, either ;). I think it just goes to show that you can add accessories and layers to make even a baggy old t-shirt work for a date night outfit!