Who We Are

Hello there!! Welcome to our blog- our latest in a long line of adventures. We're just two crazy girls who have a passion for fashion, but also for honoring Christ with our clothing (for us, that means covering stuff up!). Just like a lot of other people, we don't have a ton of money in our clothing budgets, so we work hard to find modest, fashionable clothes for dirt cheap. We have two different styles, and we'd like to think that between the two of us, maybe we'll have a little bit of inspiration for everyone. We invite you to follow our fashion adventures as we chronicle our daily outfits, brag about thrifting finds, and share other little juicy tibits.
We first met when J was in 3rd grade and M was in 2nd grade at the same small Christian school in southeast Arizona. We became fast friends and had many adventures through the years. We've tumbled down mountains, taped bus windows, played practical jokes, prayed, laughed, cried, made funnel cakes, washed cars, sold candy, got stuck in an elevator....
Us... stuck in an elevator... for realsies!

....and made lots of other memories together. We've visited each other in Arizona, California, Indiana, and Texas (J didn't visit M in China... or in Mexico... yet). We're very thankful that God has allowed us to remain friends for this long!

This blog was born from a crazy idea that J had that we should combine our creative forces and share them with the world. We each think that the other is quite fabulous, so we plan to share the fabulousness (real word?). Mostly, though, since we now live sooo far apart from each other that we don't get to have many real- life adventures, we figured a blog together would be a lot of fun and a great way to stay in touch. We hope you enjoy!