Crazy Christmas

Ok, before I show you these pictures, I have to make sure that you are prepared... do you remember last week, I told you about our ladies' Christmas party at church? Well, it was last night, and it was awesome!!! There were lots of great costumes and the ones that won were amazing- I should have taken pictures, but I didn't... I was more worried about not letting my headband fall off my head. You'll see why in a minute. Ok, are you ready?

Are you sure?

Here they are....

Kind of amazing, right? ;)

Who: J
When: 12/3/12
Where: Ladies' Christmas party at church
What: *Shirt- Old Navy pajama top- thrifted *Green tee- thrifted *Denim skirt- thrifted *Necklaces- souvenir gifts from friends *Leg warmers- sleeves from a thrifted sweater *Purse- thrifted *Headband- mishmash of stuff from the Dollar Tree and Walgreens

This outfit was so fun to put together. I already had the shoes (I just added a little bow on them), the green tee, and the denim skirt. My friend Lindsay and I went out thrifting on Friday to find pieces for our outfits, and that's when I found the top, the sweater that I cut up to make leg warmers, and the purse. All in all, I think I spent like $6 for those three things. To make my headband, I used some ribbon I bought in a bag of ribbon for $1 at Goodwill, a bird & pinecone clip I bought at the Dollar Tree, and some battery operated lights I found at Walgreen's.

In the last picture, I made sure to show off my lovely green eyeshadow... awesome, right? I bought an eye shadow palette at the Dollar Tree that had like 5 different shades of green. Do you want to know how nerdy I am? I searched on Pinterest for "smokey green eye" to get ideas on how to do my makeup... I know, that's a little overboard, but I love "researching" things on Pinterest!

Last but not least, I teased the living daylights out of my hair to get some serious "big hair" going on. You can't really see it because of the headband, but I had a huge poof of hair. I'm still trying to get all of the knots out my hair!

Although this is not a look that I'm expecting anyone to want to copy, I hope you can tell that we had lots of fun. And maybe next time you need an outfit that's a little crazy, you can get some ideas from my crazy Christmas outfit!

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