SpecTACKYlar Christmas Sweaters

So sorry I didn't post anything for Thrifted Thursday yesterday! I'm horrible, I know! BUT, I'm going thrifting today and I'm sure I'll come back with tons of stuff to show you.

One of the main things I'm looking for today is Christmas sweaters... you know, the kind that have cats in Santa hats, or caroling children, or reindeer... those kind! Our ladies' ministry at church is having our "Blinging In The New Year" Christmas party next week and I want to make sure I'm all blinged out and Christmased up!

I love to play around with Polyvore, so I came up with some things that I'm hoping to find and incorporate in to my look. 

Tacky Christmas

Don't worry- I'll be sure to post lots of pictures of my final outfit... I bet you can't wait!! ;)


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