A Little Pampering

Who: M
When: 8/13/12
Where: pedicure, lunch at Olive Garden, and a stroll through the mall
What: *Denim skirt-DKNY Jeans, thrifted, $7 *Black shirt-NY&C $7 *Yellow headband-(re-purposed as a scarf) gift *Sandals- Naturalizers, thrifted $2

Don't just LOVE it when you find a SUPER great deal on something at the thrift store? Well, I know I do! My problem this time around was that I found too many super good deals! Of course, I blame J! She kept finding all this great stuff and showing it to me! Actually, she was the one who found this great skirt! I was debating on whether or not to buy it, but I could not pass up this great DKNY skirt at such a good price since I REALLY needed a new denim skirt!

I wanted to add some color to this outfit, so I decided to try something new. I re-purposed a cloth headband as a scarf! I really liked how it looked. I have several of these headbands and do believe that I will be doing this again!

I really enjoyed spending time with J in El Paso! It is always great to get together with long-time friends! What could be more fun than getting pedicures and lunch at Olive Garden...two of my favorite things! All-in-all a SUPER fun day!

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