Who: J
When: 7/15/12
Where: Church
What: *Black tee- store at mall (I can't remember the name!) *Grey skirt- Jessica London, thrifted *Yellow sandals- Cato's *Belt- thrifted *Necklace- gift from store owner in Indiana *Vest- made from thrifted tee (read about it here)

My vacation is winding down, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting things. We've been in Arizona this past weekend picking up our animals from my parents' house and enjoying visiting with some of my nieces and nephews. Fun times!

I don't usually wear a lot of yellow, but I was singing a special with one of my friends at church, and we decided to wear yellow and black and white. Since I didn't really have a lot of yellow clothes, I ran to Goodwill and got this tee shirt for $2... pretty good deal, I think! And I don't look THAT much like a bumblebee... ;)

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