Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Who: J
When: 7/23/12
Where: Silverhawks baseball game, South Bend, IN
What: *Purple D-backs shirt- gift *Denim skirt- Jessica London *Cross-body bag- Beall's Outlet *Hoop earrings- ?... maybe Walmart? *Flip flops- Walmart

I don't know if I've ever shared this on here, but I am a HUGE Arizona Diamondbacks fan!! I haven't followed them as closely the last few years, but there was a time when I knew who they were playing when, where they were in the standings, stats on the players, who was on the DL, etc. etc. etc. So it's always great to get to see a baseball game- especially when it's a Diamondbacks affiliated team. The South Bend Silverhawks are an A team for the Dbacks- Brandon Webb, Justin Upton, and Mark Reynolds all started out here!  I'm sure that all of the non-baseball fans out there are quickly losing interest, so I'll just say it was a lot of fun!

N and I, and our niece, wanted to wear Dbacks stuff to support the organization. I have a bunch of the new red and black Dbacks stuff (they changed their colors a few seasons back), but when I was packing, I was trying to stay with a blue, purple, and green color scheme, so I packed this purple shirt. It still shows my love for the team! ;)

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