My Fair Lady

Who: J
When: 8/25/12
Where: Elkhart County Fair, Goshen, IN
What: *Green tee- Old Navy, thrifted *White tank- Walmart *Brown skirt- thrifted *Scarf- Walmart *Cross-body bag- Beall's Outlet

Yep! I'm STILL showing pictures from my vacation over a month ago... I guess I've been in a little bit of a slump lately and haven't felt like taking outfit pics. M has been sending me some great ones, though, so keep an eye out for some really cool stuff from her!

The day I took these pics, we were spending the afternoon at the fair because it was kid's day (we took our niece) and because ALL the rides were only $1! Woo hoo!! I wanted to wear something kind of lightweight and fun... and something to soak up all the sweat that was pouring off of me... I know, that's not very lady-like, but it's what was happening! It was definitely a little warm and humid, but we had a great time. I even got to ride the Ferris Wheel with my love!

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