Rocky Mountain High

Who: M
When: 8/20/12
Where: Hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law, visiting neat little towns in CO, dinner with old friends
What: *Navy skirt-NY&C, thrifted $4 *White shirt-Old Navy *Shoes-thrifted *Necklace-Premier Jewelry *Earrings-gift

So this was one of those bitter-sweet days! It was the last day of my visit with my sister in Colorado. I was really kinda sad because I am pretty close to my sister, but at the same time, I was kinda excited because I was headed home. The best part is my sis will be here in a few weeks to celebrate my baby brother's wedding! So at any rate, it was a fun day! We all slept in, some of us longer than others... Then we headed up to Estes Park, which is like a little touristy town in the mountains of CO. I added a pic of me on a bridge, even though you really cannot see ME, but the picture shows some of the beauty surrounding me. Then it was off to an old family friend's house for dinner. Once again tucked into the mountains of Colorado, we enjoyed a nice meal and reminisced of days gone by :).

Oh, almost forget about my outfit! Which I must say, I loved! On my recent visit with J, she introduced me to the maxi skirt! I am in love!! This skirt was soooo comfortable! I am so looking for more of these! That about sums it up:)

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