Thinking Cap

Who: J
When: 7/29/12
Where: Church, dinner with N's family
What: *Straw fedora- Marshall's *Top- Kohl's *Skirt- thrifted *Scarf- Beall's Outlet *Belt- Walmart *Shoes- Payless *Purse- gift from N

This is it- the last of my outfit pics from our vacation to Indiana! Now I guess I have to start taking regular outfit pics again... ;)

I had the hardest time finding this hat! I have a rough time finding hats to fit me because I have a huge head a lot of hair. I finally found this one in the MEN'S SECTION (sigh) at Marshall's for $7. It was a little smashed, so I took the red, white, and blue plaid band off and ran the whole thing under hot water, then left it in the sun over a bucket to dry. It was still shaped a little funny, but not as smashed as it was. I'm sad to say that it got smashed again on the trip home, so I'm probably going to have to do another little reshaping. Oh, I also added a black grosgrain ribbon and bow to it to "girl it up" a little.

I hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for fall! I was in Bath & Body Works smelling all of their fall candles this past weekend... yum! It's still pretty hot here, but I can definitely feel fall coming!!

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