Thrifted Thursday- Fall Skirt

It's Thursday again! For this Thrifted Thursday, I don't really have any tips, per se, but I did want to share a find that I'm really excited about!

I haven't actually been thrifting for clothes in a few weeks, so I decided to run by Goodwill really quickly yesterday. I ended up spending about an hour in there- phew! But, I did find an orange and navy striped polo for N (we're HUGE Bears fans in this house!) and an awesome chocolate brown corduroy skirt from Croft & Barrow (which I know is a Kohl's brand, thanks to my training from M). Another tip I remembered from M was to TRY STUFF ON, so I waited in line to try on the skirt, and lo and behold- it fit! Yay!! So, I have myself a new fall skirt... that I wore last night... after I washed it!... even though it's not technically fall... but it's always cold in church... which is my excuse... ;)

I hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for fall- putting up harvest decorations, eating lots of pumpkin stuff, etc... ;)

Happy thrifting!


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