Basketball, Bagels, and Baking!

Who: M
When: 8/17/12
Where: Lunch at Red Robin, teen activity at the park, and sister baking time while watching Batman
What: *Skirt-DKNY jeans, thrifted, $7 *Shirt-Suburbia $10 *Sandals-Naturalizers, thrifted, $2 *Undershirt-gift *Earrings-gift shop in New Mexico, $5 *Rings-gifts

 First, I want to say that this great skirt I found while thrifting with J!! We had a blast out shopping, I went a little wild...ok, I basically bought everything that I liked which was A LOT of stuff!!! Any how, back to the outfit of the day... I wanted something casual but nice, so I thought I would match the sequiny (my own made up word) tank with the black button-up. I thought it paired up really nicely!

The outfit turned out to be pretty practical also. I had no idea that I would be playing basketball and kickball. SO I could totally have used some different shoes, but then I decided just to not wear any shoes at all... After a grueling 2 hours of playing with teenagers, we headed home to watch a movie and do some baking! We made bagels and cinnamon rolls. OH, forgot to mention that I was at my sister Jamie's house in Colorado. The rolls were for a going away party and they were a HIT! So I thought I would share the link for the easy to follow recipe! The icing is TERRIFIC!! Try them, they are delicious! So my fun day ended at 2 am!

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