Thrifted Thursday- A"dress"ing the Issue

Good morning! Time for Thrifted Thursday! Hooray!! :)

Today, I don't have a lot of "tips" really, but I do want to show you a dress that I found while M was here for a visit. I was saving it for cooler weather, and last night ended up being a little cool, so I thought it was perfect! 

When I found this dress at Savers, it was marked $8, BUT it had a 1/2 tag on it!! Woot woot! When I tried it on, M told me I should wear it with turquoise (she's rather bossy... kidding!), so I took her suggestion when I wore it to church. This dress is very comfy, and the kind of material that I won't have to iron. Yay! And I love the ruffle detail on the shoulders. I'm so glad M convinced me to get this dress!

I'm planning on going to some thrift stores on the other side of town soon, so I'll let you know if I find anything! :)

Happy thrifting!


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