Picture Perfect(ish)

Who: J
When: 10/19/12
Where: Family pictures in our backyard
What: *Denim jacket- Ross *Grey top- thrifted *Brown skirt- thrifted *Boots- Chadwicks *Flower pin- The Jewelry Box *Ring- The Jewelry Box *Necklace- gift from M

I thought I'd share some of our family pictures with you. These were a lot of fun to do and let me practice my self- portrait skills. ;) We took these ourselves in our backyard, so there was a lot of setting a timer and then running back to get into place. We let our little doggie Mona get in some, too. We wanted our cat to be in some, but she hid under the bed and we didn't think it was worth risking our very lives to drag her out (seriously- she's vicious!). 

I love how this red plaid shirt looks on N, so I wanted to coordinate the colors of our outfits without them being too matchy matchy. I really like how it turned out, and I think the little touches of red in my outfit were just enough. I actually spent a couple of hours researching family picture colors online... crazy, right? I did find a really really cool website called Design Seeds that has tons of different color palettes- maybe I'm a nerd, but I thought it was very cool!

I'm including a few more of our pictures... cute, right? ;)

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