Thrifted Thursday- My Kind of Town (Chicago)

Note from J: Today's post doesn't really have any thrifting tips, per se, but it does include an outfit from M that has some thrifted items. I especially love her shoes- so cute! :) Happy thrifting!

Who: M
When: 9/13/12
Where: Hanging out with Gram, Martina, and Lukas in Chicago, going to the Field Museum
What: *Maxi skirt- NY & Co thrifted *Striped shirt-Old Navy *Shoes-thrifted *Undershirt-Target *Necklace-China :)

Sorry everyone for not being better at posting, I just get so busy that I forget to take pictures. My goal is to be better at it...but we will 

These pics are almost a month old, but such great memories! I got to spend the month of September with my family in Indiana. I was super excited about this, because I got to spend LOTS of time with my adorable nephew!! This was one of those days that I was able to have him all day. We headed up to Chicago for a day at the museum and lunch. So much fun, only set back was that it was the coldest day during my entire trip and we were all in short sleeves...gotta love Chicago's unpredictable weather!!

So, this is the second time I have featured this fabulous maxi skirt, but I seriously think it is one of my all time favorites!! While I was in Indiana I babysat for one of my friends and she gave me an Old Navy gift card so I was able to get this cute shirt along with three others off the discount rack. Score for me! A word about my shoes- I LOVE them!! Got them at Unique (a thrift store by my parent's house in Indiaiana that is closed now...sadness...). At any rate, they are MUDD and were brand new when I purchased them, and they are SUPER comfortable!! How do you like that great run-on

That about sums everything up...oh except to say, everyone thought my nephew was my son and looked at me funny when they asked me how old he was and I had to think for a few minutes before I answered them... Fun times!

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