Repeat & Retreat

Hello!!! I know it's been a while (actually 2 whole weeks!) since we posted anything, and I hope you haven't missed us too much! :) M and I both have a bunch of stuff going on, and once again, the blog kind of got pushed to the back for a while. We really really are trying to do better, though. We promise!

Anyways... for today's thrifted post, I'm doing kind of a repeat. I used this dress in a Thrifted Thursday post a while back, but I wore it to the first night of our church's marriage retreat this last weekend and accessorized it totally different than I did the first time, so I'm counting as something new! ;) 

Our church held a marriage retreat in downtown El Paso on the top floor of the Doubletree Hotel. It was beautiful- you could see El Paso all spread out, and at night, the lights were gorgeous! N and I both learned a lot of really helpful, Biblical principles to apply to our marriage, and we had a great time!

We also got to go out on a dinner date before hand, so I wanted to dress up a little and look pretty for  my man. ;) We went to Crave, which is a American food restaurant with burgers and sandwiches and that type of stuff. The best part of the meal for me was the sweet potato fries- they serve them with cinnamon flavored marshmallow fluff!! Yummo!!

Enough about all of that, though- let me show you my outfit. The dress (Savers, $4) and the Kathy Van Zeeland purse (Goodwill, $2.75) are both thrifted, so they can both count for Thrifted Thursday... yay!! 

Happy thrifting!! 


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