Tailor Made Quincenera

Who: M
When: 10/28/12
Where: Quincenera!!
What: Dress-tailor made, shoes-borrowed

This was a fun day!! My very first quincenera!!! Well, the first one that I was actually a part of! Let me mention in passing that this beautiful dress was a nightmare!! The lady who was making it for us had her own idea of how it should look...so the final result was that we had to take it to someone else. You know what they say, the third time is a charm! So apart from the craziness of the dress, I also forgot the Bibles which are part of the quincenera ceremony...but it all worked out ok!

On the upside, one of the girls at the home did my hair, and I thought it looked great!! Another special thing about this quince was that it was for twins! I must add that it turned out to be a VERY long night, but the food was good and the cake was delicious!! :)

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