Thrifted Thursday- Tee Time

Hola, everyone! For today's Thrifted Thursday, I wanted to tell you about something that I'm really into right now that fits perfectly with thrifting- T-shirt refashion! Pinterest is full of ideas on great things you can do with tshirts!! 

Like this adorable shrug from wobisobi:

Or this fabulous tee with bows on the shoulders from ruby murrays musings:

Or this tee, also from wobisobi, with a ribbon woven through it:

These are just a few of the ideas that people are coming up with that you can do with old (or new!) tees. I've found that at most thrift stores, you can pick up a tee for just a couple of dollars. The men's XL tees that I've bought at Goodwill for projects have only cost me $1 a piece!

One of my favorite t-shirt refashions has been the no-sew vest. It seriously only takes like 2 or 3 minutes, and I love how it fits! I found the tutorial on wobisobi and have already made a couple for myself:

I also made a really cute little braided headband for the Fourth of July using a tutorial for t-shirt necklaces I found on I Still Love You: (please excuse the blurriness!)

There are so many different possibilities!! If you look hard enough, you can find tees in just about any color or pattern for any project you want to try. Right now I'm looking for a camo tee to turn into a cute vest... if I find one, I'll post pics! :)

Happy thrifting!!

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