All Dressed In Pink

Who: M
When: 6/30/12
Where: Wedding
What: *Pink and white dress-David's Bridal (was actually a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding I was in 4 years ago) *Shoes-borrowed *Necklace and earrings-Mary Kay prizes *Shirt-Old Navy *Purse-gift

This was a fun day!! I LOVE weddings (maybe one day I will get to love my own wedding... who Somehow, at every wedding that I have been to here in Mexico, I have matched the colors of the wedding. I don't do this on purpose, but this wedding was no exception! Since this was a Saturday, I went visiting for the church in the morning. I knew we would be getting back late, so I did my hair in an uptwist thing (which you can't really see..) so that I would not have to worry how it looked later. The dress I am wearing is one of the few bridesmaid's dresses I have that I have been able to wear on other occasions.

 I  had to add a picture of the delicious food, because, well, I LOVE to eat! The wedding was beautiful and the weather was great. I didn't catch the bouquet, so, according to the old tradition, no wedding bells for me this year...;)

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