Mustard and Ketchup

Who: J
When: 7-10-12
Where: Passing out fliers for our church's Vacation Bible School
What: *Yellow tank- Kmart *Red top- Cato's *Brown skirt- thrifted *Flip flops- Old Navy *Necklace- gift from M (through our jewelry swap) *Glasses- Firmoo

A couple of weeks ago I went to the eye doctor... I've known for a while that I am extremely near sighted in one eye. It hasn't been a problem until recently, when I noticed that the TV is blurry sometimes at night... I'm getting old, I guess! ;) ANYWAY.... I ended up getting glasses for when I feel like my eyes are tired... or when I want to use them as a fashion accessory (my words, not the doctor's). I was able to get a really good deal through and I really like my new spectacles... what do you think?

I also really love this skirt I found at Goodwill a while back- it's very light and flowy. Perfect for summer! I wanted to wear this red shirt, but didn't want to pair it with plain ol' white this time, so I dug around until I found this yellow tank buried way in the back of my dresser. Tada- mustard and ketchup! ;)

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