Thrifted Thursday- Jewelry Swap

Today, we're going to talk about a really fun thing we did a while back- a jewelry swap! You can do this with pretty much anything- jewelry, purses, clothing, shoes, scarves, etc. We just did jewelry because jewelry is pretty easy to mail when you live so far apart.

How it worked was this: M picked out jewelry she didn't wear anymore and gave it to J... J picked out jewelry she didn't wear anymore and gave it to M.. simple, right? It was fun, because we both like the other's tastes, we got to clean out our jewelry boxes, aaaannnnddd we got FREE jewelry!! Hmmm... it might be time for another swap.... ;)

You could do this with larger groups of friends, and make it whatever you wanted. You could add as many stipulations or as few as you want... although, we wouldn't add TOO many- then it wouldn't be any fun! We just gave each other however many pieces we ended up cleaning out, but if you were planning this for a larger group of people, you could just say that you may only take home as many things as you came with.

However you chose to do it, it's a great way to try new things for free. And free is the best price of all! :)

Here are some of the pieces that we swapped:

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