Calm Tuesday

Who: M
When: 10/30/12
Where: School...and Starbucks!!!
What: *Skirt-NY&C, thrifted *Shirt-NY&C from about 6 years ago *Necklace, earrings, bracelet-dollar store (seriously!) *Shoes-Mexico county fair *Undershirt-Old Navy, thrifted *Flower headband-borrowed

So, I know this looks more like the Fourth of July than Halloween, but...The weather here is still extremely warm! I really just wanted to wear my cool red shoes again. The undershirt is actually turquoise, which paired with red is my favorite color cambo right now. Also, as you can see, since I wear it so much, this maxi skirt is one of my favorites. No, I do not wear it everyday, but it does seem like I have posted about it A LOT- I love it!!

I must say that today was a nice change from the craziness of Monday!! Too many crazy things to tell...Let's just say that my day started out with a girl with a piece of crayon in her nose and ended with a boy telling me the wise men brought murder to Jesus as a gift when he was born...I know he meant myrrh, but it was funny none the less!

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