Gobble, Gobble

Who: J
When: 11/22/12, Thanksgiving Day
Where: My parents' house in Willcox, AZ
What: *Cardigan- Walmart *Tee- hmmm... I think maybe Walmart *Skirt- thrifted *Scarf- thrifted *Shoes- Kmart

I have to confess something- when I went to post these, I had a small moment of panic because I COULDN'T FIND MY THANKSGIVING PICTURES!!! They weren't where I thought I had filed them! But, I found them- they just didn't make it in the right folder... phew!! Anyway, here's what I wore for Thanksgiving. I know it's not "traditional" Thanksgiving colors, but my husband wanted to wear a blue shirt, and I wanted to coordinate with him, at least a little, so this is what I came up with. It was actually super comfortable, and I was able to cook, crawl around with my adorable nephew and nieces, and even paper mache'! I did end up having to take the cardigan off because I felt a little warm... which was slightly embarrassing because this tee is VERY well worn (which means it has some holes in it), but it was just family, so who cares, right? ;)

I hope everybody had a happy and safe Thanksgiving- now it's time to plan for Christmas!

P.S. Here's what N wore that I was trying to coordinate with:

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