Long Sleeves Weather

Who: M
When: 11/3/12
Where: Visiting on the bus route and helping with homework
What: *Khaki skirt-store in downtown Guadalajara (on sale for 2 for 1!!) *Longsleeve shirt-GAP, thrifted *Flowered blouse-Forever 21, gift *Earrings-Charming Charlies *Necklace-Dots *Shoes-borrowed

It is FINALLY starting to cool off here...we actually had like 2 days that only got up to like 65!! :) Funny how, depending on where we are, 65 can be pretty cold or 65 can be pretty hot! For Mexico, 65 is kinda cool, so I decided that I would wear long sleeves. I really love the flowered shirt, but had not worn it before, because I did not know with what to pair it! I think it worked nicely with the green shirt.

A funny story to go along with this post...  I took one of the girls from the children's home with me to the bus route. From the time we left the church, she kept telling me how much her stomach hurt. Then every time someone offered her food, she willingly took it! She must have had a bag of chips, some fruit, and who knows what else!! I finally had to tell her to stop eating because she just would not stop!!

So that was my Saturday...oh, I almost forgot to mention that after doing homework, we watched a pretty neat movie called "The Perfect Game." Then I got in trouble for letting the girls watch a movie...;)

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