Purple Tights

Who: M
When: 11/5/12
Where: Work after school
What: *Denim skirt-Jones New York, thrifted *Shirt-GAP, thrifted *Undershirt-Target *Tights-Walmart, *Shoes-Target *Flower-gift from J :)

Another "cold" day in Mexico!! So I donned my cool tights and took on the cold with gusto!! :) I must say one of the things I miss about living in Indiana is the change in weather with the seasons. I love that it is always warm here, but I miss wearing my sweaters and tights. So whenever it gets even a little chilly, I pull out the tights. When I got to the Murillo's house after school to help out, everything was all decorated for fall- I was so excited!! I wanted to get the decorations in my pics, not sure how that really turned out, but... Also, I took a special picture of my flower cuz, one of my bestest friends (J) gave it to me!!

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