One More For Purple

Who: M
When: 2/28/12
Where: School and tutoring
What: *Black skirt-Ross, $10 *White shirt-Suburbia, $10 *Undershirt-? *Necklace-Suburbia, $3 *Purple shoes-tiangis, $4 *Headband-borrowed

So another Monday, oh wait We had the day off school on Monday, so today feels like Monday!! Thankfully the children in my class behaved more like a Tuesday than a Monday... So on Saturday I went to the tiangis with one of my friends and I saw thesee great jellies!! I don't know how many of you remember these kind of shoes, but they are pretty popular here in Mexico. I just had to have them, you know since I hardly have any shoes at So I decided to wear them today since I love to wear new things!! I borrowed my friend's purple headband and added a purple undershirt and my outfit was a go!! :) The only problem was my bangs are too long to wear my glasses...thankfully I have contacts too!!

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