Top O' The Mornin'

Who: J
When: 3/17/12
Where:  Visiting for church, spending time with my favorite laddy
What: *Green & orange tees- Old Navy *Plaid scarf- made for me by me mum *Denim skirt- Old Navy *Shoes- KMart *Pins- I think they were left over from some Irish- themed party a couple of years ago *Necklace- gift from N from Afghanistan

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! I hope ye're havin' a blessed day filled with love and laughter! 'Tis quite warm in El Paso today, so I wanted to be sure to wear clothin' that I wouldna be sweatin' in all day. These shirts from Old Navy are verra comfortable, to be sure! The best part is that I got a verra good deal on them... both of them for $10!  I had to be sure to show you my green nails- I found green polish at Walgreens and bought two different colors and then alternated the greens... I'm not at all sure that I would do that for an everyday look, but for this special occasion it was fun!

Enjoy the rest of your day- and remember, when Irish eyes are smilin', 'tis best to watch your step! ;)

P.S. N helped me with this outfit- he was the one who suggested I buy the orange shirt and wear it under the green one... brilliant! ;)

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