Birthday Skirt

Who: J
When: 12/4/11
Where: Church
What: *Grey top- Target, on sale for $4 *Black cardigan- Walmart, a long long time ago *Pink scarf- Mary Kay, prize *Hounds tooth checked skirt- Cato, approx. $20 *Tights- Walmart *Boots- Sears *Earrings- Cato, $7 *Flower pin- Beall's Outlet in Willcox, AZ *Purse- Nine West, Ross

This outfit is from the day before my birthday (I know, that was a while ago) and I call it my birthday skirt because it was my gift to myself for my last birthday (2010). I really like this skirt, but I don't wear it very much because it's one of those articles of clothing that if you wear it too much people will definitely notice. I mean, you can probably get away with wearing a grey skirt every other Sunday, or a denim skirt every day (not that I do that or anything.... hee hee), but a black and white checked skirt makes a statement. Looking at these pictures, I'm really pleased with how the pink adds a little pop of color. I think I'll have to wear this outfit again soon!

***Note from J: I've been battling a cold since Saturday and haven't really worn any "outfits"... unless camo flannel pants and a Chicago Bears tee count as an outfit... Anywho, I thought I'd FINALLY share this post with you that I wrote a few months ago but never posted. Enjoy!! ****

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