Advice Needed...

Who: J
When: 3/23/12
Where: Running errands, picking up supplies for b-day presents for my niece and nephew
What: *Pink scarf- Mary Kay prize *Orange tee- Old Navy *Denim skirt- Cato, shortened *Gold sandals- I think maybe Ross...

Ok... so this is one of those outfits that looked really good in my head, slightly less good (not grammatically correct, I know) on me, and way less good in pictures... I really didn't even want to post these pictures, but I decided that I should go ahead and share the bad along with the good... ;) I've been wanting to try the whole pink and orange thing for a while, but something just seems a little off about the outfit... any suggestions? Maybe M can help me out once she reads this!

As for the pictures themselves, the camera ran out of batteries as I was taking the pictures and I was on my way to the store, so I didn't have time to go back and get more... Just one of those times when a crazy mix of stuff makes your pictures turn out not quite like you wanted. I think I'll try this again another time- maybe after I get some suggestions on how to tweak it.

P.S. My beloved Indiana Hoosiers lost last night, so their championship hopes are over... but we had a lot of fun rooting for them! Here are some pictures from last night that show our team spirit (and Mona and Finley's, too!)

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