Tight(s) Fit

Who: M
When: 2/9/12
Where: School, church
What: *Black skirt-Ross *White shirt-Worthington, thrifted *Vest-gift *Necklaces-Dots *Tights-GAP *Shoes-gift (not that you can really see them in these pictures...lol)

This was from about a month ago when the weather was still a little chilly. I was trying to match outfits to all the tights that I had. At any rate... I know that everyone is familiar with the basics of this outfit...since about 90% of my posts include black skirts and white shirts...lol. I am looking forward to the day when the black and white is a thing of the past...but until then, I will strive to make black and white look good...lol. Back to my outfit of the day. I absolutely LOVE these tights!! I orginally bought them for my sister, but she never wore them so she gave them back to me... To add more color, I wore three necklaces...lol I actually just love to acessorize! I apologize for the quality of these pictures; I will eventually get the hang of using the timer on my camera and positioning it correctly...

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