The Grand Tour

Who: M
When: 3/12/12
Where: School, touring downtown with my visiting friends
What: *Brown shirt-thrifted *Denim skirt-Talbot's, thrifted *Shoes-gift *Necklace-gift *Earrings-gift shop in New Mexico *Bracelet and watch-gifts

This was a super fun day!! Started off with school, but only a half day. Then, it was off to explore places I had never been before!! First downtown to catch a tour bus to go to a suburb of Guadalajara...Tlelapapec...or something like that...don't worry I cannot pronounce it either... we  went to the BEST restaurant there! It was so beautiful. It was an outdoor patio type thing complete with three or four fountains and trees and, of course, a Mariachi (sp?) band! Then off to explore all the shops. As you can see I met some interesting men along the Oh, and yes, my friends did have a good time!

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