A Walk On The Beach

Who: M
When: 3/16/12
Where: Hanging out at the beach in Manzanillo
What: *Turquoise skirt-gift *Pink shirt-thrifted *Turquoise undershirt-gift *Shoes-Mexican fair *Denim jacket-gift

I LOVE the beach!! I was so excited when my friends said they wanted to go to the beach!! I was like woo-hoo!! Let's go!! I got up at 7, and in order to not disturb the sleeping people I left the motel room without putting on any makeup or really doing my hair, so excuse the craziness of that!! I was trying to make it to the beach for the sunrise...I was too late... I did go back to the room and do something with my hair and makeup later. The funniest thing about my morning on the beach was getting people to take pictures for me...One little old man refused to take one for me...he was like, "No, I don't know how."  I said, "All you have to do is push the button!"....He still refused...It was quite funny! The beach was so beautiful!! I took some pictures of the crabs and other beach life, but I thought I would just stick the blog material for these pics!

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