Who: M
When: 3/13/12
Where: School, lunch with the Murillos, getting lost...I mean, exploring dowtown
What: *Skirt-Express, thrifted *Shirt-American Eagle, thrifted *Sandals-Mexican state fair *Undershirt-Kmart *Necklace-thrifted *Flower-Forever 21 *Cross- body bag-American Eagle, thrifted

Another fun day during the visit of my friends!! We went downtown to explore...and explore we did!! I accidentally got lost, but it turned out okay since we wound up getting to where I wanted to go reguardless of the round about way we went. As a bonus of getting lost, we stumbled across the Guagalajara Library. Beautiful setting for blog pictures, don't you think? I decided to try to look super studious, but in the end, I wound up with books with all pictures in them...I must say they were WAY more interesting!!

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