Positively Pink Peep Toes

Who: M
When: 2/9/12
Where: School, tutoring, soulwinning, and church
What: *Pink flower headband-Charming Charlies *White shirt-NY&C *Skirt-thrifted *Undershirt-Walmart  *Shoes-Mexican street market *Bracelet and earrings-Mary Kay prize *Necklace-Premier Jewelry

Some of you may remember my flower headband from an earlier posting, but this is one of my favorite things! It was a great deal too, only $1!!! The weather here has been a bit chilly for the last few weeks, so I wasn't sure if I was gonna freeze to death if I wore these shoes, or not. I opted to wear them anyway, which meant I had to paint my toenails... I must say that I regretted wearing them by the end of the evening because as we walked home after church, I thought I was going to lose a toe or two to the cold!

Apart from the fact that I thougth I was going to freeze, I really liked this outfit! But then again, pink is one of my favorite colors!

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