Out to Lunch

Who: M
When: 3/11/12
Where: Church and eating out
What: *Dress-yard sale *Necklace and earrings-Cato's *Shirt-thrifted *Shoes-Mexican catalog :) *Wristlet -gift from J

This was the official Day One of a visit from some friends from the US. We went to church, then the Murillos took us out to eat! The restaurant is typical of this area in Mexico, basically outdoors or just a roof with no walls. This particular restaurant is really pretty, as you can see from the pictures :) The food is very messy though, so I thought I had better take the pictures before I spilled something on me!! Lucky for me though, I had a no spill day!! :) I love this navy and white polka dottted dress!! Just dressy enough with a splash of fun! I do think it makes me look like I have a beer gut, but as long as I rock it, everything is good, right? :) Oh, I need to add that I have NEVER been stared at so much here in Mexico as when I was with my friends. Holly is blonde and petite, Robert is Chinese...enough said...lol. Everywhere we went we got stared out. Actually this day, we had a little gang of like 4 boys follow us for like two blocks before they got the courage to talk to us. They tought I was from Spain and were utterly amazed to meet my Chinese friend! Good times!! Never a dull moment in Mexico!!

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