Beating Boredom By Borrowing

Who: M
When: Sunday in May
Where: Church
What: *Shirt-GAP $10 *Undershirt-KMart $7 *Skirt-borrowed *Nnecklace-gift from J *Earrings-prize from Mary Kay

So, does anyone else get utterly bored with their wardrobe??? So when this happens to me in the States, I just go to the thrift store and get something new, or buy some new acessories. But here in Mexico, there are no thrift stores and I have little time to shop. So how do I cure the closet blahs? I BORROW!! :) Thankfully there are several of the teenagers who are about my size! This outfit was from one of those "trying to cure my boredom" days! I really love this skirt, I am trying to convince my friend to lend it to me forever...

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