Purple Paisley (Again!)

Who: J
When: 5/30/12
Where: Mid-week service at church
What: *White top- Target *Turquoise tank- Target *Dress- Target *Purple sandals- Steve Madden, thrifted (read about them here) *Belt- thrifted (also originally from Target) *Necklace & bracelet- gift from N from Afghanistan

I didn't realize until I started writing this how much of this outfit was from Target... funny! This dress is fast becoming one of my summer staples... I love it! It's really easy to just throw on with a few other things & I think it always looks pretty. If you won't tell anyone else, I'll share a secret with you... I actually wore this dress again the next day... I know, I know.... shame on me! But it's so comfortable! I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of this dress as the summer goes on. ;)

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