Singing the Blues (Not Really)

Who: J
When: 6/3/12
Where: Church
What: *Grey sweater- Cato's *Blue top- Ross (on a shopping trip with M!) *Black skirt- Old Navy *Sandals- Payless *Necklace- Kohl's *Ring- The Jewelry Box *Purse- Coach, gift from N

How do you like my new haircut? Can you even tell I got it cut? I know I tend to get pretty much the same cut over and over, but it's one that I feel like works for me, so why mess with it, right? Since we moved here almost a year ago, I've been searching for a hairstylist in a price range I feel comfortable with. A friend from church recommended going to a local beauty school- why didn't I think of that? I've never gone to a school for a haircut before, so I was a teeny bit nervous, but it was actually a great experience! It came out just like I wanted to, and for $9! Nine bucks!! Definitely something I'll do again!

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