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So, I have a stunningly obvious observation to make... El Paso in the summer (and late spring) is HOT!! I should be used to the heat, since I'm an Arizona girl, but I've just been really hot these last few days. I'm not sure if it's the fact that we have a swamp cooler and not "real" AC (which, trust me, is still waaaayyy better than nothing!), or that I haven't mastered the perfect timing and combination of open windows & curtains, or what, but I've felt like I'm baking. One of the ways that I've been trying to stay cool is by keeping my hair up... but, I'm getting bored with just ponytails! After doing some "research" on pinterest, I've decided that my "thing" this summer for my hair is going to be braids! M and I used to braid each other's hair all the time when we were younger- every slumber party or road trip involved some sort of hair braiding marathon. Who knew we were years ahead of the braiding trend? ;)

Anyways..... I found all kinds of great hair ideas that use braids in one form or another:

From half up-dos:

To little braids incorporated into ponytails or buns:

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

To complicated braided masterpieces:

One place that I found a lot of awesome braids was the Pinterest boards for The Beauty Department. They have tons of great ideas for everything beauty related- not just braids! 

One thing that I know I'll have to work on if I'm going to be trying these hairstyles is my perfectionism... I always hated it when my braids had lumps in them, or weren't straight, or when my "spit curls" (what my Gramps calls them) would spring out around my ears and neck... but these braids aren't meant to "perfect" and I'll work on remembering that.

I hope everybody's spring/ summer is going great and that you have lots of fun things planned! Be sure to check back tomorrow for Thrifted Thursday!!!


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