Thrifted Thursday- Make It Work

Yay! Thrifted Thursday! These are quickly becoming some of my favorite posts to write (or edit!). Maybe because they give me a reason to succumb to my thrifting obsession... ;)

Today, I'm going to share some tips about "making it work." Sometimes, you find something that has a cute print, or a fabulous color, or is almost exactly what you've been looking for... BUT, the cut is wrong, or it's a few sizes too big, etc. A lot of times, you CAN still make it work!! Disclaimer: I personally wouldn't pay a lot of money for something that I had to "make work" unless I LOVED it!! But, if it's a great deal, and you're fairly certain you can fix it up, I'd say go for it!

When I bought this top, I was looking for a top for our Memorial Day service at church (read about it here). I found a few different tops, and then I found this navy polka- dotted top... almost exactly what I had in mind!! The only problem was is that it was 2 sizes too big and had absolutely no shape! But it was 1/2 off, making it around $2.50, and I loved the color & the dots. So, I bought it! A belt & a jacket later, it's perfect (well, pretty awesome, anyway)! As you can see, it's pretty long on me, but I actually like the longer length. Plus, it's very thin and gauzy, which is nice for layering in the summer. I'm glad I took a chance, and that it paid off!

Tips from this find:
- Know what's in your closet already. I knew I had a few little jackets & sweaters, as well as belts, that I could use to make this top work for me. If you don't know your wardrobe, it will be harder to figure out if it's worth it to spend money (even $2.50) on something that might not work.

- Be willing to consider something that may not be "exactly" right for you (size, shape, etc.). If something is too small, it's going to be hard to make it work, but if it's too big, you can belt it, layer it, or even take it in. 

- Remember that accessories & layers can work magic! I rarely wear something exactly as I bought it with no "extras." For me, that would be boring! Accessories are a fun, and often inexpensive way to show your taste & personality!

Happy thrifting!

P.S. If you want some more ideas on "making it work," check out I Still Love You & Refashion Files- these blogs have some amazing ideas about things to do to makeover pretty much anything you can buy at a thrift store.

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