Denim Day

Who: M
When: 5/30/12
Where: folding, sealing, stamping letters...great fun!!!
What: *Denim skirt-Cato's, $7 *Pink shirt-thrifted *Undershirt-China :) *Earrings-gift shop, $5 *Shoes-Festival of October, $10

This day was a break from my normal routine. I usually head straight to the Murillo's house after school, but on this day I was able to go home, change, eat, and then head over there. Also, I brought along 5 girls to make my work load easier...In about 5 hours, we assembled almost 2,000 letters including labels and sealing them! It was pretty awesome! But back to my outfit, I seldom get to wear denim, so I was excited for a chance to don my casuals! :) I think my new favorite color to put with EVERYTHING is turquoise! It is a fun color and matches just about everything! Well, at least I think it

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