Space Cadet

Who: J
When: 6/16/12
Where: New Mexico Museum of Space History
What: *Purple tee- Old Navy *Denim skirt- Old Navy *Shoes- Walmart *Vest- made from t-shirt using this tutorial (super, super easy!!) *Necklace- Lisa Leonard designs

Some friends of ours from church invited us to go to the New Mexico Museum of Space History in  Alamogordo with them- it was so much fun! There were a TON of exhibits and lots of information, all presented in an interesting way. I think N really enjoyed it, too, which is always a plus since I feel like I drag him to "my kind" of stuff way too much (antique stores, thrift stores, stores in general...). 

While I was doing "research" on Pinterest, I found a tutorial on how to make a vest by cutting up a tee (link above). So, of course, I HAD to try it! I love how it turned out! Very comfy, and a nice, light, flowy layer for summer. This vest actually works pretty well as a scarf, too (I'll post those pictures another day). I even bought another tshirt at Goodwill specifically to cut up and use to make a vest- I'll post pictures of that when I get it done!

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