Neon Lite

Who: J
When: 6/9/12
Where: Walking tour of historic homes district and downtown El Paso with some friends from out of town
What: *Pink sweater- Old Navy, thrifted *Grey tank- Target *Green skirt- made from maxi dress *Necklaces- Beall's Outlet (turquoise), thrifted (orange), and a gift from a store owner in Indiana (yellow) *Sandals- Payless (or maybe Kmart??)

I have to admit- I'm not sure if I really consider this "neon" per se... maybe "neon lite"... get it? Hardy har har! But Everybody Everywear is wearing neon today, so I wanted to try to do something at least neon-ish. I'm actually a tiny little bit proud of myself for putting this together since I usually like my outfits to "match" a little more than this. But, on this day, I just picked all of the colors that I like and put them together!

We had some friends in from out of town who wanted to see the historic parts of El Paso, so I did a little quick research and off we went to Sunset Heights and then to downtown. My husband brought along our camera and got some great shots! I actually did a little more research and was able to find out a little bit more information about some of the buildings.

A beautiful home built in 1904- it's for sale!

Clock in San Jacinto Square, with the Anson Mills building in the background.
The Anson Mills building was built in the early 1900's and for a couple of years,
was the tallest building in El Paso.

The alligator statue in San Jacinto Square.

Another view of San Jacinto Square with Hotel Cortez in the background.
Hotel Cortez was built in the 1920s- President Kennedy
stayed there in 1963.

The Kress Building-  built in 1937 for the Kress five and dime store chain. The
architect designed the store to pay homage to the many different cultures
in El Paso.

The El Paso Gas Company building- when the company was using the building,
they would light up the blue flame on top, but use
different colors to indicate what the weather the next day was
supposed to be.

The Roberts Banner building, built in 1910.

The  Fairview Apartments , formerly known as the Caruso
Apartments. These were designed by Henry Trost, an architect
who designed many of the downtown buildings, and many
other buildings all over the southwest.
And some random pictures from our little field trip:

So there you go- a little history with your style this morning ;)

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  1. You can't be any more neon with the pink and green combo. Great combo color.

  2. That skirt looks so comfy...want!

  3. Wow! such lovely photos and pretty outfit, eh.


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