Thrifted Thursday- Here's the Dealio, Yo

Ok, ok, I know the title is a little (a lot) cheesy, but I couldn't help myself! I'm super excited about all of the great dealios, err... I mean... deals... I got at Goodwill this week! You may have noticed that I talk about Goodwill a lot more than other thrift stores, but that's just because there's one about 3 blocks from my house... I promise that I pretty much love all thrift stores equally!

I had a post about a jewelry swap that M and I did planned for this week, but it's turning out to be a bigger project than I thought, so I'm still working on it.  But, I had some specific things I was wanting to look for at a thrift store, so I decided to head over to Goodwill to see what I could find for this week's post. Here are the results:

I have big plans for all of these wonderful things!

I've been wanting to add a little more "western" flavor to my wardrobe, so the purple plaid shirt and the denim vest are for me. I found this awesome tutorial on how to make vests from t-shirts, so I snatched up the striped tee for that little project. I picked up the two blue shirts, the Star Wars videos (which we seem to be collecting for some reason... I'm not sure why we need multiple copies of these videos), and the ACU pants (for more on ACUs, read last week's Thrifted Thursday) for my husband. And the hangers... well, we just needed some more hangers. 

Everything I bought, except for the blue dress shirt, was half- off. I decided before I went into the store that, except for dress shirts and ACU's (both of which my husband is in need of right now), I wouldn't buy something unless I LOVED it AND it was half off. I have to admit, my resolve was tested... I found a really pretty coral cotton top with a silver star design and mother of pearl snaps... BUT, I stuck to my guns and put it back. There's also a straw bag with gold trim that I've been eyeing, but I'm not going to pay $10 for a USED Victoria Secret brand bag... I'll have to keep an eye on it to see if it goes on sale. 

There you have it- my Goodwill treasures for this week. I don't usually spend so much at once, but I was looking for some things for upcoming events, and some other items that we needed. I think I did pretty well! ;)

Happy thrifting!

P.S. I'll keep working on the jewelry swap post- maybe next week!

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