English Roots

Who: J
When: 5/26/12
Where: My nephew's baby shower
What: *Union Jack tee- made by me *Denim skirt- thrifted *Flip flops (that you can't see)- Old Navy

I usually try to take better outfit pics, but I was crazy busy this day. N and I traveled to Arizona for a few days so that I could help my mom with a baby shower for my sister and her new baby, Colton. Their last name is Cooper, so the theme was "Mini Cooper" so everything had to be British & car related. 

I made this tee myself using a tee shirt I already had, and scraps from a few shirts that had seen better days. To make the flag, first I cut out a blue rectangle from an old shirt. Then, I cut out red and white strips from other shirts and placed them on the blue rectangle in the design of the British flag. I sewed the strips on the rectangle first, and then sewed the rectangle onto the tee. It turned out better than I thought, actually. I hate sewing t-shirt material because I usually can't get the tension on the machine right and it gets all bunchy and wavy... yuck! But, I think this project had enough layers that it worked a lot better than usual. 

The shower ended up being tons of fun! To see more pictures and get all the details, you can go to my personal blog The Ginger Jar!

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