J's 3 Favorite Colors

Who: M
When: 2/25/12
Where: Visiting the bus route, making tamales, and hanging out
What: *Dress-Ross, $10 *Yellow undershirt-NY&C, $10 *Shrug-Dot's, $5 *Shoes-Tiangis, $5 *Sunglasses-Tiangis, $5 *Earrings-gift shop, $5 *Necklace-gift *Bracelet-gift from China

This was a fun outfit to wear...We decided to finish the month of colors with wearing each other's favorite colors! So when J told me I was going to wear turquoise, yellow and purple...I thought, "WOW!!" I seriously took all month trying to figure out how I could put all of those colors together in a cute outfit! I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

The dress in this outfit is one of my absolute favorites!! Comfy and cool, usually doesn't need to be ironed, what better combination could there be?? :) I must confess that the sunglasses were an addition later in the day, after we visited the tianig (Mexican street market). Just couldn't resist a good buy!!

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