All Tied Up In "Naut"s

Who: J
When: 5/6/12
Where: Church
What: *Striped top- gift from sister *Red tank- Target *Grey skirt- Penney's *Red shoes- Payless *Bag- Kathy Van Zeeland, prize from Mary Kay *Belt- Walmart *Scarf- vintage, gift from grandma *Ring- Beall's Outlet

I've been wanting to jump on board the nautical trend (get it? hee hee) but I haven't been able to find a striped top that I like for a price that I want to pay. But, when I read that the theme for Everybody Everywear was going to be nautical this month, I remembered that I had this top waaay back in the shadowy depths of my closet. So, I dove on in (yes, this post is going to be full of these little gems) and put together this outfit. I think my scarf really anchors the look (ok, ok, these are getting bad, I know!) ANYWAY.... I'll definitely keep looking for clothes for this look and try it again sometime! I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody else came up with and getting some ideas!

P.S. Head on over to Everybody Everywear & check out all the outfit ideas!

Nautical | Everybody, Everywear

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  1. Love your scarf! SO CUTE! And the striped top with the belt is just perfect, such a great nautical look!



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